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Happy 2004!


I'm back in Stirling! Finally escaped from Edinburgh, hehe. Could only stay with my Dad for so long, before I began to crack anyway, so it's good to be back in my own flat. But Mike wants me to go out in Edinburgh tonite.. grrr.. all coz he wants to pull this random straight boy!!! Man.

Missin Gary who is still in Ireland... sigh. It's all a bit bizzare though, I mean, by the time he gets back to Scotland, we'll have been apart for longer than we were together before he went home. Maybe he was right though when he said it'll give us a chance to cool off - coz it all seemed to be goin quite fast. Which isn't somethin I'm used to. Even still. I miss his cheeky smile!

Website stuff.. Logs are now Blogs (for server reasons) and are up and running again. No more "search engine friendly" URLs though due to ForceType restrictions on the new server.. grrrr.

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L*w*s H*n*h*l*   Happy New Year! Indeed!

Aww bless, it will be worth it when he returns. ;-)

Yay, you've joined the blogosphere he he. I want to use ISAPI to make "friendly" URLs on my site, but we'll see. Even if I can sort it out on my current host it could just make things complicated if I move to another hosting company.