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Bush, and we're not talking girls

I really do believe that the fool more commonly known as George W. Bush is infact that the worst thing ever to happen to America. In my lifetime. Apart from 9/11. (Are we allowed to say 11/9 coz we're British and it's more logical? Even tho it doesn't sound as good?). I know not a lot about American history.. something about the Reagan Administration being a bad era for America? I donno, anyway... I really don't like Bush, generally, I guess :p

"Bush has said he respects homosexuals' rights but draws the line at gay weddings. He asked government lawyers to research ways to legally define marriage as a union between a man and a woman after courts in Massachusetts and other states recognized the right of gays to the civil benefits of marriage." AP

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L*w*s H*n*h*l*   "I really don't like Bush, generally, I guess"

he he, my mind's twisting the meaning of that ;-)

When I was on one of the anti-war demonstrations in March 2003 one of the banners that stands out in my mind said "where's the world's thickest bush?" he he he...