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Meat Loaf, Smoking, Ministers and CARS!

Me and Katieman saw Meat Loaf play the Glasgow SECC last night. And um, well. Hehe. Not great. The old man is indeed a legend, but I can see why this is his last tour. He couldn't really keep up the pace, there was way too much theatrical crap goin on, too much "I love you Glasgow!", too much of everything but singing really. And I was a bit unconvinced by the evangelical-christian-esque hand waving, though that could've been a Meat Loaf trademark, donno.

And there is one thing worse than a cute boy smoking, and that's an ugly bitch smoking, just in front of you, in a non-smoking hall. I think Scotland should follow California's lead, and outlaw smoking in all public places.

Homophobic Ministers. Says it all I think.

And most importantly, hehe, I HAVE A CAR!!!!!! Or a Ka to be exact :) X reg (2000), 1.3 coz all Ka's are, strange dark blue colour, hehe. I pick it up on Wednesday, woohoo!!!

Grum, x
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J*   Sorry to hear meatloaf wasn't good. I'm going to see him tomorow so now am v. worried i've hyped it up too much in my head! It'll be the first time i've ever seen him live so i hope he improves for Newcasle lol :)
G*u*b*g   You should still look forward to it though! Overall it's a good show! Even if the encore is the best part :p He actually played most of the classics in the encore. So he kinda redeemed himself near the end. Katieman's parents are also going to see him in Newcastle as it happens. Ah well, hope you have fun!