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S.A.D. / PC Crash / Money / Bloggers Wanted

Hey hey

Computer crashed the other day.. as in, lost data, ruined hard drive. Un-replied-to emails from the last few weeks are gone, dead, no-longer. :/ Much the same as music additions from the last few months :(

So bored at the minute. Bored. Fed up. Pissed off. Can't wait till Uni starts again. Can't wait till my loans come in. Can't wait till Gary gets back from Ireland. Can't wait until I have stuff to do again.

It really annoys me when people diss students, saying we scrounge of the government. Do we f**k. We get loans, which we have to pay back with interest. I mean, when I graduate I'll be in debt to the Government by about £12,000, and I have to pay a £2,000 graduation fee. And even though most of us have part time jobs to co-incide with our full-time education, we struggle to feed ourselves, pay bills, and pay our hugely extorsionate rent. I mean, there's three of us paying £220/month each for a small flat with no living room. That's £660 a month! There's people in Stirling with mortgages for 4 bedrooms detached houses for £180 a month! Exactly why are us students being so ripped off? Over 40% of us students are below the poverty line. Scrounging off the Government... grr.

Looking for bloggers...

The next version of is going to be less about me, and more about the lives of gay youth throughtout the world. Everything is still theory, but the actual site design is nearly finished. Hopefully going live on April 7th. I'm looking for one lesbian blogger, one bisexual blogger, and one transgender blogger. Must be between 16 and 22, must have a blog already, and must update relatively regularly. If you're interested in a blog on QA, and want more info, then get in contact!

Grum, x
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J*n M*l*i*g   I wouldn't mind blogging, but I'm just a gay 15-year old so I'm not really what you're looking for. I suppose I could offer some insight into being gay and out at school if you gave me my own blogs, and I'm a good writer (predicted A* in English GCSE!!!), and I have done what I can for gay rights in my school. Soon I will be performing a speech, 'Abloish Homophobia', in school. Things are probably different at school than at university; I could be you man in Leicester. Please think about it Grum!

love Jon (aka imustnotchasetheboys, if you hadn't guessed). x