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Back to Uni

Well Re-fresher's Week is over and it's back to classes next week. Ugh. This feels like the calm before the storm. The bit at the start of the semester where you're just chilling, not doing much. But, give it a couple of weeks and we'll all be stressed up to our eyeballs.

I wanted to get 400 people through the door for Pop:Tarts, and we got about 330. So it wasn't bad, still feels not quite good enough, though. We tried though, we tried. Not sure yet if we'll be asked by our Union to do it again. We'll just have to wait and see!

Gary came over here last night and I cooked a meal, and we just watched a DVD and chilled, and stuff. It was good. However it maybe feels like we don't have *that* much to say sometimes :s

First LGBT Society meeting of this semester is on Thursday. Tad disheartened after the realisation that you cannot avoid petty fall-outs, big fall-outs, melodrama and sleeping around in any LGBT Society. It's very sad. I'll continue trying, at least, to make it easy going however. And I'll keep helping those who need advice and the like.

Think that's it.
Grum, x
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