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TV / Nice People / Karaoke

Grum's TV Debut on Reporting Scotland is online thanks to BBC News (it's only the short lunchtime version though).

I thought I looked and sounded like a twat, but lots of nice people texted and phoned me telling me it was good. So thank you; it's you guys that let me have some confidence, even if that confidence is misplaced! So hugz to all, especially my wee sis who sent me a very sweet message. :)

And well done to Sam for winning the "Final Of The Finalists" Karaoke competition at the Arches bar on Sunday, and thanks for managing to get us lot free tickets! You were great!

And well done to Bex for getting into Stafford Uni to do Veterinary Nursing, no idea if that's the right spelling but I can't be assed checking. Kinda thing!

And money from my great Aunt's death will be filtering down soon, which will help me keep my head above water, so to speak!

And coz the AUT Strikes continue in Scotland tomorrow, I don't have any lectures! Woohoo! Well this is what I'm assuming anyway! Hehe.

LGBT Society, and making a success of, struggle continues. Hedwig obesession continues; will see the play when it descends on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe again this summer. Gay Youth 2004 development continues; possibly dropping the Bloggers idea, in favour of Columnists, details to follow when actually devised. Love of Starbug The Ka continues. Life itself continues - so it would seem!

Grum, x
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