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Hey world,

Lots of stuff been goin on - I've been soo busy. Stressing about stoopid Uni assignments. The most boring Computing topics all seem to be taught here in Stirling. I just do not give a flying monkeys about any of it.

Me and Bex saw the Offspring play the SECC; they were alright, but they just kinda played their songs, and that was it. No great show, no banners, not much enthousiasm.

And Lins came with us to see Maroon 5 at the Garage. Had drinks in Ruphus, talked to some random guy about Northern Irish Punk Rock (?). Headed to the Garage, bumped into Dilly who was working on the door, didn't really get much of a chance to speak, partly coz us 3 were intent of getting more alcohol into our blood steams. Maroon 5 were okay, although they had a few very good songs, and a very hot drummer. Didn't hear much, but their support band seemed cool.. Kane or Kean or something.. it was a good night all in all.

It was Duncan's 21st on the 19th, me and Bex went to his house party kinda thing. (I had invited Gary but he had planned to watch the very last Sex and the City with his friends.. which was fair enough.. I got the impression the idea didn't actually appeal to him tho, as in, going to my ex's party.. which again is fair enough). But anyway, the party was cool, got drunk enough to dance like a twat in a room full of people that I didn't know. Didn't talk much to Dunx himself but he was havin a good time so it's all good.

Yesterday, 20th, I took Gary up to Pitlochry in Perthshire.. up in the North of Scotland. It's beautiful up there, but alas, the sky was grey and it was pouring it down. Got lunch in an overpriced touristy cafe called Biba; food wasn't great and the atmosphere was made edgy by the grumpy staff. But none of that really mattered, it was a really good day, and it was good bein with Gary, the beautiful boy that he is :) We drove up to Blair Atholl and Killiecrankie, and had a wee walk up there. We met this 'old chap', ex-army sargeant type, who was originally from the North of England but had lived up here for years. He told us all about the place, and told us where to walk and stuff. It was good, it was a fantastic day.

Vibe, the popular gay night in Edinburgh, is coming up to Stirling. It will take up residence in Fubar Club on Wednesday nights, starting from April 14th, and we (Stirling Uni LGBT Society) will be helping to promote it. It's all very exciting, not to mention a great step forward for Central Scotland.

My mum, last weekend had a weekend off, and so booked herself a plane ticket and jetted off to Venice. She had a great time, and of course I was totally jelous. Her next venture will be to Bruges I think. She's off her head, if she's not climbing some Munro (Scottish Mini-mountian), she's galavanting in Europe at every chance she gets. Gotta respect that though, it's better than staying at home, even if she does go by her "do it now, pay for it later" philosophy!

Um, I'm not standing for LGBT Officer in SUSA for the next academic year. I feel like I've done a 'not bad' job; the Society is now thriving, and it's got it's regulars. But it's still not effective. There's a committee, but I'm doing the vast majority of the work. And it could quite easily be a full time job. So basically, there's not enough to time to implement a lot of good ideas, and there's not enough support. And the majority of the members will only come to the gatherings if there's something cool happening, i.e., they won't just come along and spend some time. It feels like there is very little loyalty. But maybe the next President will have more luck, or a better approach.

I'm running for another SUSA position though, this time an Executive position as opposed to a Council position. I won't say what because I'm technically not allowed to use websites to electioneer. But anyway, wish me luck! Or indeed, if you're at Stirling Uni... *hint hint*, hehe.

Ah well, rant ends..
Grum, x
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L*w*s H*n*h*l*   Not long to go until our birthdays.

A*d*e* S*m*   It is with fond memories I recall, this time last year, driving through Stirling, on my way to Blair Athol to climb a Monroe. (It was my Uncle's last... as a Scot's Monroe bagger!!!) We had to ride from Blair Athol by bicycle to the base of the monroe... causing some saddle sore! HO HUM! On my return journey through Stirling I did toy with the idea of calling at the university and inviting you to lunch. However, the premise of time and its constraints led me back on the long journey home to Wales!
I Will be visiting later this year though and would be grateful of a break in the journey. Anywhere between Carlisle and Aberdeen would be just great!

Warmest regards,

Andrew M. Sims
S*m   Get rid of the rude comments in the GSO page. I am asking nicely now. If i have to ask again i won't ever come to this site again.
L*w*s H*n*h*l*   Grum, Happy birthday for the Sunday just past! Time to update the Mainpage, he he...

J*n   The support band for Maroon 5... It wasn't Keane was it? OMG! They're one of the greatest bands around at the moment... You're so lucky to have seen them!
G*u*b*g   Aww that's cool Andrew! Didn't think anyone reading would have any idea where these places are!

Sam.. what are you on about?

Lewis, yes yes, hehe :p

Jon, lol, no I'm pretty sure it was Kane or something, think Keane are way bigger than supporting Maroon 5?