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Hey folks

Tonight was the launch of Vibe Stirling; the hugely successful Edinburgh gay night celebrated it's second birthday on Tuesday, and today it hopefully made history as the first ever gay night in Stirling. And it's onwards and upwards from here, again hopefully helping to bring the somewhat conservative city into the 21st Century.

A big well done to James Longworth et al (Vibe) and thanks to David Edge (Fubar) for allowing it to happen. It was a successful night, great music, great atmosphere, no issues. Fantastic.

Well, the only issue was that I think Gary (my ex, now, I suppose) pulled another boy. So, um, well, yeah. I was gutted I guess. Don't ask me what that means, coz I donno. He was perfectly within his rights. I know it was me that f*cked it up, coz I said that I didn't think there was a spark. And I don't know what I think about that either."I care too much, yet not enough" - that's what I heard myself saying. Donno. It sucks. I'm gutted. And more gutted for him. I never meant to hurt him. I wanna hug him. But he won't let me. And I can understand why. It sucks.


There was loads of people praising me though, tonight, as if I'd made Vibe a success. I can't stress enough however, how little a role I (and Mike!) played. I can only really take credit for the LGBT Society, which itself isn't nearly as united as these events make it seem. Just thought I needed to say this.

Anyway, think I did well there, for a drunk boy,
Yeah anyway, nite nite
Grum x
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F*e*e*i* J*m*e*o*   It looks like a horsey!
C*   Quick Q - were you the guy wandering around the Fun-bar with the digi-cam??
M*c*a*l N*s*e*   It was I, Grum's partner in crime that was wandering about with the digi-cam! Did I get your pic? If not I'll capture you one day cos I'll be going around next week again :p

The photo's can be found online at :


They should be going on the official Vibe Stirling website when it launches too.. fame at last! hehe.
C*   Omigawd.. *crying with laughter*.. I cannot remember being THAT drunk.. damn my dancing feet!!

And get my pic? Bloody hell, I'm in most of them.. I'm the one with the face only a mother could love.. not mine tho :-P
M*k* N*s*e*   The new Vibe Pics are now online at:


This week a good selection of the captions have been left up to you.. you decide what they say! Winning captions recieve... satisfaction! Email your captions to myself along with the picture numbers and I'll update them. Also, if you know the names of the people in the blank captions.. send them on to me and i'll update that also!

See you next week!
C*   I am SO not chuffed there are no pics of Graham OR Mike being as drunk as we all know they are on Wednesday nights...

PS. Omigawd, can't believe I wore white socks with jeans..

PPS. OmiGAWD!!! There was NO way I left the male toilets with a "glow in my face".. it was bloody hot in there, ok???!

PPPS. *blows loadsa kisses to Mike* ;) x
G*u*   Hehe... well I'm in there a couple of times.. you just gotta figure out which one's me! Hehe. But I promise to get drunken pics of Mike next week.. *cackles*

Grum x
M*c*a*l N*s*e*   Nooooooo... I refuse to have photo's taken until I get a haircut, I look a state at the minute!

How am I ever gonna find a nice lad!

If you know anbody else in the pics get them to check the pics out and email me their details so I can update their names/captions. Also, remember to tell all your mates about Vibe @ Fubar, and while you're at it get them logging into the QueerAttitude Forums so we can build a nice happy gay community in Stirling! :D Isn't the world such a shiny happy place.. muhaha