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Police Investigation

Tonight there are still police officers pretty much outside our front door, after cordoning off part of the path to our house. They're searching for evidence connected with the suspicious death of a wee old lady down the road a few days ago.

It's all very freaky, being on my doorstep and all.

Last exam on Wednesday. Woohoo! Can't wait to get rid of some of the stress. And then it's the LGBT Society's End of Semester 'Big Gay BBQ by the Loch' in the afternoon. And that'll be my last LGBT Gathering as President of the Society! But me, Mike, and Lynn (the Committee) intend to go out with a bang.. the booze is on us!

Then I take my cute boy ( we got back together :) ) back to Ireland on the 23rd, and I'll stay over there for a couple of days. We've agreed to 'leave it' over the summer though, coz I think it would be way too difficult to go 3 months without seeing each other :(

1st June is the Principal's Reception, which will be scarily formal, to mark the changeover of the SUSA Executive.

Then I gotta find a job and make some money! And start on my dissertation project. And I'll hopefully finally find the time to finish and launch the new website.

Yeah. Well I just thought I should update. Mainly coz I should be revising. Hehe.

Grum, x
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M*k* N*s*e*   Oi!! Don't you be forgetting that about Vibe @ Fubar after the BBQ on Wednesday night!