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Channel 4 Documentary

Mentorn Television:

"It is a sensitive and thought provoking film that will explore the dilemmas often faced by teenagers of whether or not to come out to their family and friends. It will help to shed light on what can be a difficult yet life-changing time of life as well as work to educate, raise awareness and dispel myths.

"I am looking for teenagers who have recently come out to their parents and friends who have had both positive and negative responses who would be willing to speak to me about their experiences. This would not commit anyone to filming and could be through email, but would be incredibly helpful for my research.

"I am also looking for teenagers who are contemplating coming out to their family and friends to talk about their fears, feelings and hopes at this important time. The idea here is that we could film people over time before and after they have made their decision, their experiences, and reactions from friends and families."

Contact me if you're interested.

Other than that, I'm good. Sorry I haven't updated in aaaages. I've totally ran out of money, and Bank of Scotland are being total wanks, and I'm just working all the time to try and pay the bills and the like. It's all good though, I'll be rich on day! Hehe. I'm doing Projection for Cineworld.. which is kinda cool. And I'm still working on the new site!

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