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Terrorism In Russia

The Russians aren't having it easy at the moment. My heart goes out to the Beslan community in light of the School Seige catastrophe. 300 children and parents are thought to be dead, and counting. Terrorism is bad enough, but to target a school? There are absolutely no words. Why does this happen in a civilised world? What kind of people does it take to do this? To feel justified in taking hundreds or thousands of lives? And to think we're so close to the anniversary of 9/11.

The world is indeed full of evil insane people, and you have to wonder if any of us, wherever we are, are safe from attack from militants with a grudge. The world does seem a lot more dangerous now than it was 10 years ago. Complicated wars waging in distant countries.. well the sense of security we had from that is no-longer valid. There are no rules or certianties anymore, massive attacks can come from nowhere, and occur anywhere, at any time; we really have no idea. That's scary.

A sentiment I'm sure the Americans and the Russians at the minute will undertstand all too well.
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