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This Is It

This is 4. This is Gay Youth. This is it. The result of 10 months of hard work inbetween University, a job, sleeping, and going out. And it's still not finished, hehe. There's lots of stuff still to be done, but again it'll be a slow process. So bear with me...

Tell me what you think of the new site; leave some comments :)

Grum x
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D*v* T*e M*n   Cool new site. Very well done. Hard work's been worth it. :>
F*w*s*   I missed the grand unvailing at 5 but got on-line a.s.a.p. All that hard work (between the drinking and the sleeping and the 'working') hass paid off. Hope you keep this standard up.

R*u*u T*e G*o*s   It's a beautiful site and very user-friendly. It's awesome.

L*w*s   w00t!