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To Love Oneself

It's an interesting wee concept. Can you love someone else if you're not comfortable in your own skin? My answer to that is of course, yes. But can you ever feel secure, can you ever give 100% of yourself, can you ever be completely open and embracing when you have your own personal little barrier? A barrier caused by a dislike of some part of yourself.

I'm fine with being gay. I get on well with my family. I have money issues but I'm independant and loving it. I wouldn't say I had many issues, but if there was one, one thing that holds me back, keeps me from being the completely sorted dude that I want to be, it's this. I guess I'm not comfortable in my own skin. Far from it infact. It holds me back. And I know I'm not the only one.

I want to look different, even though I know it's stupid and unrealistic. I'd settle for a miraculous cure to the conditions I have. Although that's unrealistic too. No solution, no way out.

Which I guess means I have to just "get over it". If other people can love me regardless of my faults then surely I can too, right? I need to get over it. We need to get over it.

More comfortable. More content. More productive.

That would be progress. Progress without dillusions and plastic surgery. Yep.
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W*d*   i love your words especially about "their" attitudes that was great