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Tired, Ill, Nervous

A very short entry just to say I'm ill and completely energyless and I'm not sleeping. Which ain't good. Uni starts again tomorrow. I'm an ancient 4th year now... all the 1st years look so young... it's scary. Have me and my friends aged that much?

Kinda nervous this year, my last year. In many ways the last 3 years of Uni have lead up to this; dissertation time, make or break time. Can I get a 1st for my degree, or will I get a 3rd? This time next year will I be in a great job, or on the dole? And where; Edinburgh? Glasgow? Stirling? Canada?

I'd love to go to Canada actually. Not sure if it'll ever happen though. It's all a bit uncertain, and I'm kinda nervous.

And recently things have been coming to an end. Not gonna be specific but I guess it's unsettling. And confusing. And kinda sad. Yet probably all for the best. This bit it so abstract even I won't understand it in a year's time. Sigh.

Enough night-time musings. Must sleep. Go to Uni tomorrow morning to do the mandatory meeting with my Advisor of Studies. Then recouperate tomorrow night.

Well that's the plan.

Grum x
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