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Let Down

Tonight was the SUSA Senate which I have been publicising. It was a disaster. In my eyes at least. And I feel that as Publicity Officer a large amount of blame is on my shoulders. But it certainly wasn't through lack of trying. I spent hours and hours designing posters and flyers, and putting them up and distributing them respectively. Created screensavers, sent mailings, and actively talked to people.

But apart from a few select people who have helped me, I have felt very much like a one man band. If SUSA Council can't get off their butts to help.. indeed if the SUSA Executive can't even contribute a few hours now and then.. then we're gonna be f**ked for the next two semesters.


I guess I'm a bit pissed off with life in general right now. Far from content. It's just all a bit messy.

And I just wanna sleep.
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L*w*s   I'm seeing a recurring theme here with the sleep thing. Is it that you are feeling like you want to sleep because you are tired or is it because you want to escape your busy and complicated reality?
G*u*b*g   An equal amount of both I suspect, Mr Psychotherapist! :p