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IDLEWILD and "Straight Boys But..."

Quick update...

Linds, Mike and myself just saw Idlewild play Falkirk Town Hall... of all places.. a tiny, tiny venue compared to the kinds of places I've seen Idlewild play before. The gig was kinda more intimate than normal, and we got to hear lots of their new stuff (album out Feb 2005) which was good. Not the best Idlewild gig I've ever seen though.. Roddy, the lead singer, is slowing down is his old age.

Anyway. Moving on.

"Straight Boys But..." wouldn't be averse to the odd experimental encounter. Know the type? Or "Straight Boys But..." could simply be straight boys that don't mind (or even quite like) the attention from gay boys. Lots of these guys about. And they're cute. Which is annoying. Coz it's just not worth it in my opinion. Complicated and messy.

Or indeed "Straight Boys But" they haven't quite realised they're gay yet.

A frustrating little phenomenon...

And while I'm talking about these bizzare social confusions.. why do we all feel so lost and detached from the world when we forget out mobile phones, or even when we lose reception? Sad but true.. that's the all new Phone Culture.

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S*i*   I know a boy like that and it's very sad. He just confuses you and leads you on. The problem is that he just can't help himself from flirting to anyone that likes him!!, even boys. Ive considered him being gay but its not very realistic..too bad.