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Our new youth group, Forth Valley LGBT, launched on Saturday. It was good, and it's a good start from which we can develop it. It'll all take time though. Next one will be in a month's time. Didn't feel that connected with the whole thing, because I didn't really know what was going on. The event was relatively orchestrated by LGBT Youth Scotland, which is a good thing, but I just felt slightly out of touch. Probably coz I wasn't able to commit as much time to the whole planning process as Iona, which I kinda feel bad about.

Censorship. I feel like I have to get permission to write stuff on the (Stirling Uni) LGBT Society website. Which I set up and wrote the content for. Infact, I do need permission. Coz otherwise it gets deleted by my ex, the new President. Even the 'Forth Valley LGBT' news item I wrote has actually been deleted now that it has past. Infact, I've just logged into the site and found that they've taken away all my privelages. What exactly is with that? It's all very primary school. Infact, I don't think I've ever seen immaturity quite like this.

And I don't appreciate people being "touchy feely" with me when I know full well that they've been on a date with someone else, a workmate of mine no-less.

And I'm fed up of not using my blog to talk about situations that involve real people. I don't have to protect anyone, and I certainly don't owe anyone any favours. At the same time, I don't wanna make my own life more complicated by talking about stuff here, in the knowledge that the other parties mentioned wouldn't be impressed. So I donno. I just wanna tell the truth, from my perspective obviously. Why should I censor myself, on my blog?

Names. I just got an email from 'Elaine Bruce', my mum. First time I've seen her use her new name, since re-marrying. Just seemed weird. It's all good though; what's in a name?

Anyways. I have a Uni assignment due tomorrow which I haven't even started. Guess I should force myself. Uni sucks. Only 6 months left though...
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L*w*s   I'm feeling it.

I know what you mean on talking about real life situations. I've been thinking long and hard about what sort of situations I'll disclose and give details about. I have a conscientious approach to discussing other people, and often consult with them first.

The way I see it, I have little to hide and I'm just exploring situations as they happened and as I perceived them. If someone's done me wrong, then I am automatically authorised to bitch. Hence, there's potential for lots of bitching.

I*n*   That sucks assmeat about the whole priviledges being taken away thing. You should talk to certain people about it all.

I get what you mean about censorship too. On my lj I'm wary of how I say things and who I let read things. It's all so complex.

On here tho I just don't know if I can swear :-S
G*u*b*g   Yep I say we can swear :)

lj = Live Journal?

I can't be assed being wary anymore, coz I end up never posting for the fear of annoying someone. Blogs should be about 'letting it all out', like mine was in the beginning.
L*w*s   Yep, LJ stands for LiveJournal.