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Vote Kerry

Because I like to stick my nose in politics now and then, hehe, I'd like to urge all Americans to Vote for Kerry in the US Presidential Elections. For the sake of your country, and indeed the World. Bush must go.

Kerry is anti-war, and is liberal on social issues - he is not anti-abortion, he is anti-gay marriage, but pro-civil unions for gay people (which is a slight improvement on Bush's stance).

Realistically, he's the best option I thinks.
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G*a*c*r*o   I'm sorry, I'm not voting for either. I think they are both corrupt and stupid. Kerry afterall has 7 houses and $600 million dollars. Doesn't sound like a man I want representing me.
G*u*b*g   Yeah perhaps. I don't get good vibes of Kerry, but he's the lesser of the two evils. I'd vote, just to do my bit to get Bush out of power.

Bring back Clinton, that's what I say, hehe.

Not that us mere Brits have a say of course...
G*a*c*r*o   Lesser of the two evils? That some weird thinking. And don't tell Americans how to vote. We will vote the way we want. For example, I did vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger and when he comes on ballot in another two years I think, I'll vote for him again. Let us make up our own minds. We don't tell you who to vote for.. well at least I don't. :)

Bring back Clinton? The man who signed the original defense of marriage act in 1994? The one who brought the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy into effect?
G*u*b*g   I'm not telling anyone to vote for anyone, I'm urging them. People are still free to make up their own minds.

I'm just voicing my opinion, like everyone else. And I'm entitled to. Especially because the US Presidential Elecetions will have just as much impact on us in Britian as it will on you.

Clinton, he sure had his faults, hehe. It was a more peaceful and more prosporous time though.
G*a*c*r*o   You shouldn't be urging people to vote for whoever. They can make up their own minds. No, the US elections will have more impact on people actaully living in the US.

Clinton's time was a more peaceful and more prosperous time? Not exactly. What about the 1993 WTC Attack? What about the Oklahoma city bombing? What about Waco? What about Yugoslavia and the fact we bombed them? What about the 1998 Iraq bombing done by Clinton? Heh, please look at history. Calling Clinton's era a time of peace is a misnomer.

I'm not republican. Don't get me wrong. I don't like either party. That's why I'm non-partisan. But I just ought to state things out here.
G*u*b*g   "You shouldn't be urging people to vote for whoever."

Isn't that what politics is all about? Everyone having their say.

"They can make up their own minds. "

I said exactly that.

"No, the US elections will have more impact on people actaully living in the US. "

True, but it directly affects us too. The friends and families of British soldiers dragged into essentially American wars - just one example. And that fact that my petrol now costs 86p a litre is another.

"Calling Clinton's era a time of peace is a misnomer."

Never said that, I said it was more peaceful, in comparrison to a somewhat global war on terror.
G*a*c*r*o   Yes it is everyone having their say, you can support Kerry, diehard. But please don't others what they should.

It does effect you. The decision made to go to war for your country, was Tony Blair's decision.

Clinton's time wasn't more peaceful. What about the slaughter of millions in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi in 1994/1995?

Bush's view towards gay marriage is no different then Kerrys as it appears.


In a gesture of moderation aimed at the same voters, Bush told ABC-TV he supported civil unions for homosexual couples "if that's what a state chooses to do."
G*u*b*g   Tony Blair, as British PM, is automatically America's puppet. I don't think any British PM would ever have told America to "go it alone". It's pointless telling me that the American Government has no influence on British life.

And if big celebrities can jump on a political bandwagon, and urge voters to vote one way or another, then why can't I as a normal civilian?

Bush can say what he wants, but he is a straight-laced Christian who will never support civil unions. And he certainly will never be pro-gay rights.
G*a*c*r*o   Tony Blair is America's puppet? Hahahahahahahahahaha... I'm sorry but that just makes me laugh.

Celebrities are idiots. Most of them don't even have a college education. They shouldn't be telling people how to vote. I hate them. I don't listen to them.

Bush just said he supports civil unions and he does. And Kerry is a christian too.. he isn't any less or more pro-gay rights then Bush.
G*u*b*g   Telling people means saying "you must". No-one is saying that. Coz that's stupid.

I don't believe Bush. I think he's getting scared.

"Tony Blair is America's puppet? Hahahahahahahahahaha... I'm sorry but that just makes me laugh."

You're not very clued up on British politics it would appear.
G*a*c*r*o   Look I'm not going to argue with you anymore. I'm actually voting in this election and will not let my vote be impacted by someone who doesn't live here or celebrities.

And you are not very clued up on American politics, dude.
G*u*b*g   "I'm actually voting in this election"

Woohoo :)

"And you are not very clued up on American politics, dude."

I'm relatively clued up on the two main candidates though :p

But alas. Each to their own. I'm sorry that you were offended by my 'urging'. And I'm sorry if you feel like I have no right to state my opinion.
L*w*s   [url=]Vote None of the Above[/url]


"I made this" - lol
G*a*c*r*o   Ok Ok Ok Ok.

I'm not voting for Bush nor Kerry. Just on those super important propositions up to ballot. It is just I happen to agree with Arnold Schwarzenegger in each one.

bah.. Arnold for President! Screw Kerry and Bush. LOL.

You have all the right to state your opinion. ;)
G*u*b*g   Hehe, go Arny! Where does he stand on everything?
G*u*b*g   [i]This comment layout is crap isn't it?[/i]
L*w*s   Arnie doesn't stand on things - he's shoots them!

I'm just joking...
G*a*c*r*o   Arnold is fiscally conservative, and socially centerist. Which suits me pretty good. He supports gay unions, legalized abortion, but tighter controls on immigration. He supports limitations on frivilous lawsuits against businesses.. so he's all in all, pretty moderate. He afterall, managed to get 48% of California to vote for him, which was pretty damn good considering there were three other major candidates in the recall.
G*a*c*r*o   Yeah there should be some kind of bar between each comment
G*u*b*g   Yeah he seems to be on a pretty good wavelength.

Yep.. bars would be good.. and/or alternating background colours as Lewis (Enigma) suggested just a minute ago on MSN! Will think about it tomoz hehe.
J*n   I have serious doubts whether Kerry will win the election... Look what happened last time a senator from Massachusetts tried to take on a George Bush...
G*a*c*r*o   Current electoral college projections show him losing... if he loses Ohio he can't win.
T*   [url=][/url]

Just thought you might like to see that and give you something to argue over :P
G*u*b*g   LOL.

That was cooooool!