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PLACEBO MAGIC, Robert Smith, Hoobastank

Me and Linds just got home to Stirling tonight. Left Steve's (Linds' bf) place in Brighton about 4pm. Got into Edinburgh Airport, early by the way, at about 8.20pm. Mum picked us up, took us to my dad's, where I picked up my car, and drove us back up north. Had a great couple of days. Got the scenic tour of Brighton, and random London suburbs. And of course, on Friday, we saw PLACEBO play Wembley Arena.

Now... I've seen Placebo play quite a few times now, but this gig rivalled even my favourite which was at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange a couple of years back. This was amazing, it really was. Definately worth travelling to the opposite end of the country for. The highlight had to have been when Brian Molko introduced onto the stage none-other than Robert Smith of The Cure. They sang Without You I'm Nothing (as far as I remember) and The Cure's Boys Don't Cry. It was totally amazing. But alas, Brian, Stephan and Steve are taking some time out to 'do real life' for a while, and that was their last gig till 2006 :( We'll miss you Placebo!

Actually Placebo have ended all their sets recently not with The Pixies' Where Is My Mind?, which was lengendary, but with their very own Nancy Boy, which for years they simply didn't play. Interesting methinks.

Hoobastank! Played Glasgow QMU the other week. Was a cool gig, and finally met Richard, Linds' friend from home.

I'm still in Stressed-Grum-State though. It's like I'm in a kinda-bad-mood-esque-thing all the time. It sux. I reckon me, Linds + Steve work pretty well, but I guess being with a couple all weekend kinda reminded me why I don't like being single. I once called it my "second Achilles Heal". (My first is a different story). Still, we sometimes gotta remind ourselves of the reasons behind the choices we've made. Some situations really are of our own making. Which ties nicely back in with the reason why I'm stressed.

I chose to ignore the work building up coz I hate the course. Now I'm wishing I'd actually just forced myself.

But who am I kidding. That's the way it was always gonna be. The way it always has been.
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L*w*s   [em]Hoobastank[/em] seem cool. Well, I love 'The Reason' and like 'Crawling in the Dark'.
W*l* B*r*e*   Placebo and Robert Smith. There may be few things on this Earth musically greater than that.
>*S*a*k*r*i*c*   I will hate everyone who was at that Placebo gig forever, thanks to one bitch who decided to let me down on the night of the gig.

Only kidding, I'll channel my hate towards her... glad someone got to enjoy them though (my favourite band, too *cry's*, lol)

Danny xxx
J*n   Placebo are an annoyingly catchy punk-pop band fronted by a faux-bisexual.

Robert Smith is God. We have him, Ian Curtis and Bauhaus to thank for the almighty armageddon that is early goth.
F*w*s*   I wanted to go see the Hoobastank gig in the QMU! I live a whole 5 minutes away from it but never got around to buying tickets!
Oh well I had my Halloween party to keep me occupied that night!
G*u*b*g   Aww you shoulda been there! It was the last gig of their European tour.. and they filmed bits of it for their website. I wouldn't have been caught on film though coz *I'm too wee!*. (Dig at Fawksy for calling me small.. heehee).
J*n   I want to marry Robert. :D