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Scottish Smoking Ban

Smoking is to be banned in enclosed public places in Scotland from 2006. All I can say is, woohoo! Lets hope this comes to pass. Scotland would become the first place in the UK to adopt such a ban, following in the footsteps of the Republic Of Ireland, and indeed certain US States.

I think this is great, mainly because I completely resent stinking of smoke after a night out. Even being in Studio, one of my student union's bars, during the day will leave me covered in the smell within about 5 minutes. It's gross. Especially when I'm eating.

Hopefully I can look forward to a healthier, less smelly Scotland.
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D*v* T*e M*n   Let us hope
p*r*l*_*o*   Totally agree, lets hope its enforced!
Though in my student union the QMU(and also the GUU) it may not be enforced. Unions such as that where you have to join, and therefore its a private club, may escape as they're private. Bugger!
J*n*y   There's always the long bar...

I'm still not convinced, and it's not just for the selfish reasons! The fact is a lot of people do smoke, they're not about to stop as soon as it's made illegal in public places (though I do see how it might reduce social smoking to some degree). But it might have a negative affect on some pubs, which don't have a lot of money as it is, and who might lose business. Even worse if they decide that the only way they can stay in business is to flout the law and this lands them in court.

To quote Eddie Izzard "No smoking in pubs - and soon, no drinking and no talking!"

P.S. Personally though, I don't know if I'll end up living in Scotland at all after uni, so maybe this won't affect me!
n*c*2*   if scotland has a no-smoking-ban then so should England !. theres nothing worse than getting home from a night out and all you can smell is smoke. smoke is dangerous. disgusting. embaressing and down right stupid. Come on England - be the next one !!
D*v* T*e M*n   Although I have said what I said above, I'm divided. On one hand I agree with Jenny's point that people do smoke and I query whether we should ahve the right to stop them doing it in public places

HOWEVER, I detest coming back after a night out, or if i'm trying to eat a meal and the smell of smoke coming past. It gets in your hair, your clothes smell. Ugh.

So I think I would rather have a smoking ban on reflection.
G*u*b*g   Hmm, I really do think that public health wins over civil liberties.
S*t* J*r*a*   As do I. It is not only stink that lands deeply in to one's clothes and hair that is the problem, but also second hand smoking is bound to make a person sick, often seriously. That's a fact. Smoking is just an idiotic and selfish habbit and though many get addicted in an early age thus later having hard time quiting, there are many who do not try to quit. And that is beyond my undrestanding.

Go Scotland!