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Apathy in Academia

We're all tired of Uni. Under 6 months till we graduate but we're all struggling to continue. As far as the academic work is concerned, it's been a very long 4 years, and I think we all just want out now. We will of course, slog it out because quitting now is hardly an option. Though despite trying to persuade him otherwise, one of our friends - Heggie - has done just that. It sucks.

I guess none of us are really that optimistic about the doors that, as the fable goes, are opened with a degree. As time goes on, I think this romantic view of the education system becomes further removed from reality. So what are we to do, and where are we to go when our time here in Stirling expires? Will we find jobs? Will we even want to do the jobs in our field, or has Uni made us sufficiently sceptical for us to head in a completely new direction?

It's another cross-roads in our lives, another scattering of your friends, another mammoth change, similar to the one we all went through 4 years ago when we left school and came to Uni. I feel though, that the excitement and the optimisim will be much harder to find this time around, as for most of us, we have no idea where on earth we will be in 12 months time. I guess I'll embrace this when the time comes, due to lack of choice, but right now it's a very disconcerting thought.

And what about love, and lust, and opportunities? Will our social circles ever be as big and as dynamic as they are right now? Was that it, have the best years of our lives been lived? Will we always remain attached to the memories of the good old days? Do we ever even get passed our firsts?

Questions without Answers.
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L*w*s   There are many years ahead yet. Life has really only just begun.
W*l* B*r*e*   Awww, Grum! Always remember that great quote, came from a poster I think and Lester quotes it in American Beauty.

"Today is the first day of the rest of your life"

Life is what you make of it and you're going to be just fine.
Trust me. I know.
M*k*   William! Didn't Lester quote that just after he'd been shot to death? Hehe.

That was very well written Grum.. nice little summation of how a lot of us are feeling right now.

For some reason I keep tellimg myself another famous quote:

"The future's bright, the futures Orange"

Not quite as pertinent though, and possibly signals that I'm a child of consumerism.
D*v* T*e M*n   I think that would sum it up, even for those of us who have another year to go. Where will uni take us? Do we even want to go there? But many people have graduated before us, and many will after we do, and they will all struggle to find their place in the world but it can and will happen.