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David Blunkett Resigns

The British Home Secretary, David Blunkett, has resigned. Which is a shame, coz I think he's ultimately a good guy. Yet again, personal lives being brought into the public eye. Who exactly does this help? As far as the fast-tracking of his lover's nanny's visa application goes.. the ins and outs are still to be revealed, but, who cares. Perhaps something that may have required repremanding, if indeed it was down to him, but not a resignation.

British politics often seems more melodramatic than Neighbours. Partly due to the media, and partly due to political correctness. Both of which are sometimes barriers to progress. Sad I think.

I have my last deadline tomorrow, and that will officially be the end of my semester. My penultimate semester. Will have to spend the holidays working on my dissertation project.

Will definately get some stuff done for QA too.

Been writing some stuff recently.. not great.. but you can go find it in Grum's Words if you wanna.

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L*w*s   Poor guy. I feel for him.
D*v* T*e M*n   Totally agree with this Grum. Well said.
S*t* J*r*a*   I love British customs and culture, but I can never understand British press. All of those yellow papers are bound on destroying anybody who was unfortunate enough to be in the public eye.
L*w*s   By the way, I only just recently found out he is blind. I'd seen a guide dog in the house before, but assumed it was for some low profile Member of Parliament!