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Is bigger better; Life, QA, and the A380 SuperJumb

Hey hey,

I'm writing a blog entry.. woohoo! My first of 2005 I think. So, Happy New Year I guess :) This year is gonna be a interesting one. The first half will be challenging, the second hopefully entertaining. I've lost the will for the serious studying malarky, as my grades seem to show. So, 5 months from now, I wanna start having some fun again. Just for a bit. Before I enter the real world. Even then, I'm sure I'll find a way to keep it as non-real as possible.

You know, I might be bored and kinda stressed.. and single.. but I'm content. Right now, I'm content. I wouldn't say anything, at all, is really going well right now but I'm OK, I'm optimistic. I think I'm a lot more together than I have been in years and years. Despite the whole apathy thing hehe. I love my flat, my flatmates, (my friends!), and my relative independance. I have great parents and they really do help me out when I screw up. [Like with my car. Which I crashed on Christmas Eve. I'm OK, but couldn't afford to fix it on my own.]. And I had the best new year I've had in a very long time.

So. Yeah. Em, the A380, the big massive-est civilian airliner ever built, ever. Well done Airbus, it's pretty god damn cool, if it ever manages to leave the runway of course. And coz I'm kind of a wee aviation geek, I'm allowed to say something cringeworthy like "The 747 was prettier". But alas, this machine is impressive. I'm sure it'll find its place in the market, and wont end up as a £6billion SuperDisaster. Which itself is food for thought, considering its maximum capacity is upwards of 800 passengers. Let me fly it, let me fly it!

Smaller just might be better this time around though. I'm willing to bet Boeing's 7E7 Dreamliner will win out.

Sooooo.. moving on from the planes, hehe.! Hopefully bigger is better, as we have some grand plans. Some of which have been in the pipeline for years, some of which have been inspired by this version of the site - and you guys, who have been giving valuable feedback. With any luck, I'll be able to push the site up the priority list come the summer. Thanks to everyone who has signed up so far, and has given their time to the site, and to other members. You guys make it a friendly community - everyone is equal, and has equal respect - and anything goes.

We've had teething problems, moderation issues, and big bust-ups. But for us, it's a bit of a learning curve. In the last 3 months, QA has grown to double the size of the old QA Forums which were online for over 2 years, and that has certainly had an impact - especially when conversation and even reasoned debate turns to all out argument. That's not why QA is here, and we all have to try and limit that.

But, you live and you learn. And we're into the new year, so it's time to be optimistic. Stick by QA, and we'll all stick by you :)


Big cities, tall boys, large social circles, many opportunities, much potential, grand concepts. Small is fine, but bigger is better :) And Life does get bigger than this.
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G*a*c*r*o   Yea the problem with the new Airbus plane is they will have to produce 700 to break even and pay off their debts. I don't think that'll happen. Well the Concorde was impressive, but just didn't get anywhere.
G*u*b*g   Agreed on the Airbus.

Disagree on the Concorde - it was the fastest and most prestigous commercial airliner for over 30 years, and arguably the most beautiful. And hasn't yet been superceded. Not a bad legacy really. Still don't think the Paris crash justified the beginning of the end for Concorde - especially considering it was due to stray metal on the runway.
z*d   I think it was a sad day when Concorde was scrapped. Other planes crash, but they don't stop their models' services. Concorde came to represent everything that man had achieved - we could travel round the world, in style, in a matter of hours. Oh well. :(
e*i*9*   i am an aviation freak too!!! and i think the a380 will out sell the 7e7. there just isnt a market in china for the 7e7, contary to what boeing believes. the market in china is gonna grow bigger and bigger and the chinese airlines will start buying a380s to match up that demand. besides, most airlines now need a replacement for the 747. 7e7 does not fit into the category. it doesnt even fit in between the 777 and 747. also i shall not go on. do not want this to be an post. is the best airplane site out there, btw. :)
S*e*c*   nah, the 7E7 (which Boeing now officailly calls the 787)is gonna outsell the A380 by miles. It was designed as a replacement for the 757, and now thats out of production what will all the airlines do when their 757s get too old? Theres no real alternative other than the 7E7, and theres a hell of a lot of airlines operating 757, mainly American carriers and UK charter airlines. Also, just a few days ago Boeing signed a $7bn deal with 3 Chinese airlines ordering the 7E7, compared to Airbus who've had orders for just 5 A380s from Chinese airlines. BA and most US carriers have also stated that they will not require any A380 aircraft in the for-seeable future.
e*i*9*   well... boeing are going to develop a NG 747. haha. so obv they do view the 380 as a threat. well, whatever the case, i cant wait to fly both. the windows on 787 are going to be HUGE. yay my national airline singapore air is gonna fly the 380 first so i cant wait for that too. :):)