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Valentines, Gigs

Single on Valentines. So what's new. A day for couples to be smug, singles to be depressed, and big business to make big money. Romantic or commercial? Depends very much on whether you're in love, and whether or not that person loves you back.

"The greatest thing is to love, and be loved in return."
Possibly from a David Bowie song?

If Valentines Day was to really have a good use, then maybe we should all just take the opportunity to be brave, be honest, and put our feelings out in the open. We're all just too scared to tell the people we love, the people we can't get out of our heads. But we don't know what could happen, if we don't try...

All that aside. I'm off for two weeks from work.. woohoo! Gotta concentrate on Uni though, or else.

Recent gigs I've been to.. will expand on this later on..
Idlewild (Acoustic set), Glasgow RAMD
Fightstar, Edinburgh Venue
Green Day with New Found Glory, Glasgow SECC

Need to sleep,
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D*v* T*e M*n   I'm singly on Valentines day too but as my flatmate was saying this morning, Valentines day is an evil day, even for those who ARE in a couple. Everywhere couples are going off on expensive and romantic dinners or being treated like a king/queen. The reality for most couples is probably a take away and a quickie and getting novelty presents that you can't really afford and the other person really doesn't want so, to be honest, single or not, Valentines Day should be banned. For good.

Cynical, me, no!!

T* t*e H*n*y   kinda extreme, isnt it?
K*i   i hated valentines day!! i actually worked all day literally!! 10am-9pm!!