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Unenthoused : Uninspired / Screwing It Up

Not feeling in control at the minute. Lots of stuff to be doing, and not very much getting done. The most important stuff, like my Uni courses, my dissertation, keeping in touch, all seem to be at the bottom of the priority list. Everything that constitutes escapism seems to be at the top of the list - mainly sleeping, drinking and eating. Uni is beginning to destroy my soul, it really is. I only need to survive it for a wee bit longer, but time is ticking and as every day passes I feel further and further from the end. I'm screwing it up.

Although, on a side note, I think Simon Amstell from Popworld/T4 is hot. Yeah.
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F*r I a* t*e D*n*e*n M*s*e*   Aww... don't lose hope. As long as you have your mind and heart, your soul will never dissapate. My thoughts are with you. *lots of hugs*
D*v* T*e M*n   Aww grum. My thoughts are with you.

But Simon Armstell, hot???!!! Really have to disagree with you there...yuk!!

Take care
m*r*1*   Dude ull be fine,just remember that no matter how bad things get theres always hope
z*d   Awww its sad when people get bogged down by work. But, sympathy aside, stop drinking (alcohol that is!). Go to bed early, act responsibly and happily, and you'll be fine. Dunno what religion you are, but karma works for me. Smile at the world and the world smiles with you. Easy peasy. Just forget this place for a while, we're a low priority case I think. Eating is a major priority though, as is breathing... don't forget to breathe, it's quite important!

lotsa luv and supportive hugs! :D
J*y*   Awwww hun hang in there...hopefully it'll get easier or better to cope with in time...good luck :)

(Woo my first blog post lol)

Jay xxx
K*i   im in the same situation as you!! life feels like its crashing in on u all at once!! well...dont let in..ur the only one that can take control of your life!! and do that Grum...its your only hope...have a break of some sort!! go away for a weekend or for me...
D* J*n*s   What are you talking about?

You have 2 months to go, so thats nout. Plus computing courses are pish easy anyway.

There are people starving and dying and ur moaning about that unimportant shit.

Cop urself on
J*y*   Yeah there maybe people dying/starving etc...but that doesnt mean our problems count for nothing...

Jay xxx
D*v* T*e M*n   You'll always find someone or something that is sufering more. But that doesn't mean that, as Jay says, we can't stop thinking about our problems because someone is worse off than we are.
D*v* T*e M*n   Like I said earlier mate, Ya know where I am when ya need to talk!

D xx