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I'm 22 today. I feel old hehe. But I'm sure I've said that every year for the last few years.

I'm not out having fun. I'm stuck in stressing over my dissertation.

Spent the last few days thinking about one boy. Really wanted to hear from him today but didn't. Though did hear from another boy entirely which was a cool surprise.

On the upside though, a few web development jobs have come about recently involving money! Which is always a good thing.

That's it. Short but to the point :)
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D*v* T*e M*n   ooh...a boy, eh? :)
J*y*   ooo happy birthday grum :) Tell us about the boys ;)

Jay xxx
M*k*   happy birthday!

Now come play at bands night!
z*d   Aww, happy 22nd Grum! :D So, things are finally looking up are they? I said they would!
m*r*1*   Happy Birthday dude,hope you had a good time.Like ive said before life has its own way of balancing out.
J*n*i*   Happy B-Day Grum, I've turned 22 a week ago or so, so I know just how you feel :).
Boy eh? Hmmmm... shall we start the post for you, or will you do the honors?
G*u*b*g   Cheers guys.

Not gonna talk about boys though, hehe. Too many people I know read this! Maybe some day I'll reveal the contents of my heart and soul. Besides, who can compete with the Ike and Brian story! :)
K*i   awww...we wana no who the boy is now...pwease!!!

F*w*s*   Happy Belated Birthday Grum!

Hate this time of year and lack of internet access. Must get broadband installed in my flat!

Oh well only 6 more weeks of living like a Hermit then I'm free!