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REM at Balloch Castle, Loch Lomond

On Saturday, I was lucky enough to see REM for the second time, supported by Aberfeldy, Ambulance Ltd., The Zutons and Feeder. Myself, Bex, Linds (and her bf Kenneth), and thousands of others from all over the UK despatched ourselves up to Balloch Castle at Loch Lomond for the day to see them.

REM were of course fantastic, the setting was absolutely amazing, and thankfully the unpredictable Scottish weather didn't rain on us! However, the day was kinda spoilt by something we totally didn't expect; neds, drunken louts, and general twats - and lots of them. Idiots who were out for a booze-fuelled day of antics, who either didn't give a shit about the music or only knew/cared about the hits.

You expect the twats at festivals and at commercial pop gigs. You don't expect twats at an REM gig in the middle of the countryside.

When Michael Stipe said something along the lines of "We're from the United States of America", he was booed. The US might not be very popular here at the minute due to the madmen in the Administration, but you don't boo someone's homeland. Especially when they are there to entertain you.

So I was kinda disillusioned and kinda disappointed at the shit crowd. Overall though, it was still a good day and I did get to see one of my favourite bands play. REM: please come back to Scotland soon!

There does seem to be a high proportion of twats in the world these days. An entire generation of so-called people who don't give a shit about anything or anyone other than themselves. No respect for anyone around them. It actually makes my blood boil.
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R*s*c*   WOOOOOW!

Well I was lucky enough to catch them on the IOW. They closed it none the less. I was meant to see them at Balloch too, but had to unexpectedly give up my ticket. Had to be unexpected for me to give up a ticket like that.

Anyway. It sounds like you enjoyed yourself, regardelss of twats. Sorry to hear about the twats, but glad to hear you enjoyed so much.

Nice one G.