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Uni over, degree aquired, freedom gained

Hey. I officially got my letter today from the University informing me that I've passed :) I now have a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Computing Science - and I get some letters after my name hehe. Graham G. Hughes BSc (Hons). Scary eh. Seems all grown up. Classification wise, I'll receive a Class 2, lower division (2.2) degree, which really isn't fantastic, but I'm happy because I thought I was gonna fail. And if I'm honest, after 4 years of assignments and exams twice-yearly, I'd had enough and I really wasn't putting anything into it anymore. There is so much more to life than education. Uni doesn't prove you can do anything, it just proves you can study. So I wouldn't really say I was proud of myself; there's lots of monkeys with degrees, degrees much better than mine. I'm glad I managed to stick it out though. And I've had a great 4 years.

I'm keen to go into the big wide world now, because I feel that I can really prove myself and work on projects that are actually worthwhile. Yet right now I'm not feeling all that confident. At the minute I'm being ripped off by the company I work for, earning minimum wage for a job that should be payed much higher. So I don't entirely know what the future holds, but once I've found my feet I reckon things will be better. There's lots of stuff that I want to do.

To a certain extent, I do feel as if freedom has been gained. I might be lacking direction to some degree but I know there's not much now to hold me back. Apart from my job, because I need the money, but there's always a way out.

Moving on from myself, hehe, my flatmate Linds has got through to the second interview for a cool marketing job in Glasgow (earning real money!), and it's looking promising... good luck!

Well done by the way to Andy Murray, the 18 year old Scottish tennis player who I've just watched on the BBC storming his way into the 3rd round at Wimbledon. Impressive stuff! (Even if you are a cocky git! Hehe.) He's a good looking dude too.
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J*c*,   Yay congrats grum! :D Really impressed you managed to hold on throughout the 4 years, and pass!

Wish you all the best for the transition into the big wide world :)

Jack =)
m*r*1*   Congrats grum

Like jack sed well done for sticking with it,i know you got a bit down a few months back but you got through it and you did

The pink bunnies salute you


K*k***o*j*m   Congrats Grum!!! That's sooo cool!
K*i   YAY!!!! go you!!! wOOt


Kyle xxxxx
J*y*   Congratulations Grum :D

Jay xxx
**a*e*o**   Congrats Grum! :P

- Cameron
R*s*c*   Congratulations!!!

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