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Logic V Love

This gets a bit strange. I guess I'm adding it here to amuse myself at a later date. Make of it what you will, or just go read something else.. either way..

Love. It's all about love. Well, really it's about love and money. Everyone wants both, and everyone prioritises one over the other; afterall, the two rarely coincide. Perhaps that one distinction, that one overruling desire, segments all people on Earth into two camps, as smoothly and equally as the gender divide. Perhaps, perhaps.

Not gonna waste time mulling that one over though. Cute Boys With Magic. Yeah, let's talk about that. It messes up my head. Most boys don't have it. The magic, I mean. Each of us entertained by a different trick. But some are just special. I can see it. An ethos, a style, a good heart and a good soul. It glows.

But there's something in the way, something blocking the connection. I don't understand, I can't make headway, I can't see the problem. Maybe it's right in front of me. Maybe it's me. Maybe, maybe.
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