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Gigs / Civil Partnerships / Christmas

I went through a wee stage where I posted comments on every gig I went to, but I haven't done that in aages. Maybe I'll start doing that again because I'll never remember who I've seen play. Memory like a sieve, you see. Or a large collinder. Anyway. Monday night I saw the Foo Fighters again at the Glasgow SECC. My least favourite venue but they rocked as always. Was a shame about the ned standing next to me who insisted on phoning his mate every two minutes and shouting down the line. Twat. Interestingly though, whereas in the past the crowd would all get their lighters out for the slow songs, the crowd all now produce their mobiles to video snippets of the show, producing a similar effect with hundreds of phone screens glowing in the dark. Wonder if phones will be banned from gigs once they're able to record a decent amount of video?

Last night we saw the Dropkick Murphys support the Pogues playing the Glasgow Carling Academy. Dropkicks were really good, for those who might know who they are. The Pogues (Fairytale of New York) really shouldn't tour anymore. "Lead" Shane McGowan was completely pissed, and coupled with the fact he doesn't have teeth, he couldn't talk nevermind sing, merely producing garbled nonsense which, judging by the cheers, made sense to the drunken audience. The whole thing had a Catholic overtone due to the Pogues being Irish, emphasised by McGowen's garbled "F**k the huns" (an anti-prodestant statement), which I think is unacceptable in modern-day Scotland. I believe religion has no place at concerts, football matches, pubs, and popular culture in general - something I'm sure many will disagree with.

Putting the backwardness of religous divides to one side, as it were, society in Scotland and the UK has made another liberal advancement recently with the introduction of Civil Partnerships which allow same-sex couples to effectively get married. It's not welcomed or accepted by the Churches so you still can't get married as such, but a civil partnership will afford you and your partner all of the legal rights associated with marriage. And that's good enough for me. I think it's truely a good step forward, and as much as I've always hated the idea of marriage (because I've never seen one last!), I would like to end up a partership with a dude I love that not only I see as valid, stable, and long-term, but the law too. I want that. I do.

Here's to a loving and secure future.

Christmas. I hate Christmas. I'm sorry, but I really don't like this time of year. It's stressful and expensive and lonely and I would prefer to go into hibernation for the whole of December. Anyone with me? We'll dig a wee burrow in the hills and sleep all 'cosied up', waking every so often to eat Dairy Milk chocolate and Frosted Shreddies. Sounds good to me.
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J*y*   LOL! Awww sounds brilliant! Thats so cuteeee! :D Anyway *cough* gigs sound amazing, the guy shouting down the phone made me laugh, sounds like my dad regrettably, my dad seems to have a massive tendancy to think that people on the other side of the phone are deaf, and so he practically screams down the phone all the time. embarrasing eh? Anyway good point about the mobile thing, hadn't thought about that before, but a gig without the atmosphere isn't a gig so i dont think it'd catch on...who knows...

"I believe religion has no place at concerts, football matches, pubs, and popular culture in general - something I'm sure many will disagree with."

I agree with you, religion can be a part of who you are and your morals and beliefs but I don't think it should be cross linked with popular culture as you said, makes things sticky

Jay xxx

R*b*n   Hurray for Civil Partnerships!

And I'm desperately sorry for not agreeing about Christmas... but I love it! Maybe I'll feel desperately when I don't have parents paying for it... but I love it! However the burrow thing sounds nice... as long as we can have a tree :) But actually come to think of it, that is what Xmas is all about to me... cosying up with the people that are important. The surrounding traditions are nice but not as important... Christmas in a burrow with my friends and Dairy Milk would still be Christmas to me :)
D*v* T*e M*n   Christmas is a double edged sword. It can be the loneliest month of the year or, for people like me, it can be the happiest. I love the Christmas season. And it's not cos i've got a boyfriend - cos i won't see him until january the 6th. I love this time of year - I always have done and always will. Obviously, as a Christian, Christmas has a special meaning because I believe that people should remember the true Christian meaning, even if you don't believe in it (and you're more than entitled to your own beliefs) while also remembering being with the people who you love. And also eating lots.

In conclusion, Hurarry for civil partnerships, hurray for christmas, hurray for killing people with phones at gigs ;)