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Fuck It, It'll Do

It's a common attitude. Hey, I guess it's my attitude some of the time. But that doesn't make it acceptable. It's a terrible attitude. Because half-arsed jobs aren't really worth doing. Coz it means that they'll have to be re-done later. And I hate cheap stuff. Stuff not built to last. Was neither worth building it nor buying it. And it annoys me when grand plans never come to fruition, because of a lack of money, or a lack of effort. It annoys me when beaurocracy gets in the way of real progress, officials instead opting for the cheaper, easier but not-as-good option, while pocketing the surplus cash. It does get to me, it really does. Full potential; of a city, a country, or a company, or indeed an individual - you, or me. Full potential never quite reached.

Bollocks to that. "Fuck it, it'll do" has a lot to answer for.
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