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Northerly Winds

I'm heading southwards, oh yeah. After a slightly bizzare few days, I can confirm that I've been offered a job - yes, a proper job - down in Milton Keynes. Which is just north of London. And so I'm imminantly about to pack up my life and move to the other end of the country, and it's all in the name of progress. It's totally blown any plans I had to pieces, but it's a good thing, and I'm excited. It's given me no choice but to move my ass and turn things around. And hopefully I'll be happier as a result.

Yep. A clean break. And a change of scenery. And an all new set of challenges. Slightly more dramatic than the usual go-with-the-flow-but-slowly GrumStyle. But it's all good, I'm up for it. Despite being vaguely panicked by the whole concept.

Well. Wish me luck in my new job, new house (which I've yet to find) in my new city. I guess I'll be offline for a week or so while I return my life to it's flatpacked origin, transport it in a general southbound direction, and re-construct it all at the other end. Minus the parts lost in transit, of course.

Over and Out,

PS: Play nice on the forums, or Lewis, Lilac and Jay will kick your ass :p
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e*m*n   Good luck Grum!
W*l*   WOOO Grum is coming to London! If I see you, i'll soooo say hi! And good luck with the move, even though you dont need it. I have total confidence that everything will work out.

-Will xxx
R*b*n   You know how excited I am G... this is gonna be fantastic! I'm so happy for you, and I know this will be just what you want it to be.

Good luck with finding a place!
O*i*   Good luck in London. At least it's in a big city with lots of opportunities.
D*v* T*e M*n   Good Lucky Grum,
you shall be missed up here in Stirling.

Take care,
L*w*s   Fabulous! See you soon :-)