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I'm really not a socialite. I'm an introvert who always ends up in social scenarios, talking to the people. It's difficult. Because I really ain't that great with the spoken word, I ain't witty and I'm certainly not a fast thinker. Give me to time to write it all down, and I'm fine.

It's bizarre then, that I choose jobs and projects that require heavy communication. Though I guess it does explain why I still love the idea of going back to (cinema) projection - working with machines rather than people, where you can just work away and keep yourself to yourself when you're in the that kinda mood.

But in the end, I have a drive to be more involved in what's going on around me. I like to be in the position where I can make the decisions, where I can make things happen. Typically though, those kinds of people are the ones who are true socialites. They move with ease through groups of people and can fit right in whatever their surroundings. They have all the connections and contacts. I don't feel that I'm that person. Can I be that person?

No, I don't think so. But that's not gonna stop me getting to where I wanna be. I'm quite definitely an indie kid... informal, easy going, unpretentious. I'm the same in every situation. I don't do sport and I don't really do popular culture and I hate reality TV. People aren't always gonna like that. Infact, in London last night, some colleague told me that she was adamantly anti-Scottish. Well. I can't be assed with attitudes like that.

I do have a definite sense of equality. And I really don't feel the need to be anything other than Grum. I reckon that'll help me, not hinder me. That's an important belief I think. I have my own contacts, increasingly anyway, although they are more limited to the ones who are down to earth; the ones who are worth knowing.

On a related note... sometimes it's very easy to feel like a small kid in a big business, slightly out of his depth. But that's purely down to the way I'm treated in my current position. I know I have more to offer. I'm not lacking the self-belief -- I'm lacking the freedom.

Really though, I'm just Sonic The Hedgehog. I'm on a moving platform, waiting for the precise time to jump to the next one. And I'll maybe grab some points en-route. Yeps. Tails isn't with me yet. I wonder if Sonic was sleeping with Tails? Inbetween defeating evil bosses. *Ponders*.
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Y*s*a*a*2*0*   I share your opinion, I feel that the social circle, while it does have a somewhat positive effect on work, is not for me...Personally, give me all my favorite music, enough time to myself, and I'll have something workable produced, but I can't be expected to just do it with ten billion people...Sure, I follow some pop culture, but I don't worship it...I just see it as something to gossip to my mother about.

Why live in a socialized world when more could be produced by people who cut themselves off from the world.

I suppose one could call that a transcendentalist thought, but hey, I am a transcendentalist. And, judging by your blog, Grum, I'd have to say you are too.
c*r*s*A   Although you mau not be able to become that type of person, you can certainly learn the skills of the 'socialite'

I'm trying to find a book I have called "The 48 Laws of Power" by Robert Greene - he talks about that. As soon as I find I'll post again with his advice.

Bascially - you must not isolate yourself. You must force yourself to be with people, as uncomfortable as it may be, and you can learn the skills of 'sweet-talking' and being a socialite.