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Waaaa. Escaped.


I feel somewhat less stressed all of a sudden. Woohoo. I have escaped office life until after the new year. Thank fuck for that. Yeps. :)

Offices. My god. My dynamic, creative side is burning with anger, hehe. Why do I do it. Argh. You know, I never imagined I'd settle for this crap. I get absolutely nothing out of it, out of the company, out of my life here, but stress! And an increasing overdraft! I think I selected the wrong radio button.

So. Hence why I'm excited about being let loose for a while. Will head up to Edinburgh and stay with my dad over the holidays. And I'll dot about the cities for a while and see some people and have some fun! My god. I need it. Really I do.

And then. After Christmas. Back into full on job hunting. I am way too - I donno - inquisitive and dynamic to be doing such a stoopid unrewarding job. I'm the one who makes things happen, I feel like, yet I'm at the bottom of the ladder and have no-one to delegate to. Which just leads to stress. So to hell with the company.

I'll abandon the cinema industry for a while, if I can, and re-enter it in a different place and time.

Waaaa. Ahem.

In the mean time.... I wanna have some fuuuun. If I can't go to work and feel like I'm doing something really worthwhile or fun, then as Lewis said to me the other day, I just wanna go to work and leave everything at the door when I leave. No stress, no effort. I'm not prepared to put effort in and get nothing out. Goodwill only goes so far.

Equality. Everything balanced. Uhuh.
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