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Dismantling The Belief

Sometimes you believe. Hold a concept of undeniable truth. Something that just makes sense.

And sometimes you have to let go of those beliefs. Because every belief has its day of reckoning, and you realise you hadn't thought it through. You finally see the logic just doesn't follow. And you cling for dear life. But you can never go back, only forward.

Reality. Stick with what's real. Love is wasted if it's not accepted. Love is wasted if it's not demonstrated. Love is useless if it's not returned. Because things that aren't refreshed and sustained don't survive. And no amount of belief or "absolute truth" will change that.

The only truth is our own. We can only believe in the value of our truth and our loyalty to others, loyalty to the ones who represent something more. Loyalty to an ideal, a concept, a belief, is nothing more than a light for fools to follow.
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P*l*M*n   WOW, this is very..............
J*t*e*r*t*c   deep...

Great Grum!
D*M*N*   i don`t really get itttt

but it`s way gorgeous .
C*o*k*d   A somber realization can often times lend itself to growth. I'm pretty sure I know what it is you're talking about - it's always hard to let go of a hope, a dream that in your head is always just beyond the horizon of tangibility but even after months or years you are no closer to reaching. All we can do is move on, grow, and learn.
W*l*D*s*o*o*h*   Wow thats powerful and true
g*u*   I think Brett kinda hit the nail on the head with his interpretation. A somber realisation indeed.
C*o*k*d   For the time being, at least. You'll look back and be glad you were able to overcome.