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Just Keep Going

It's so very easy to slump down into a state of complete disregard. I feel like I get close to that point sometimes. When it feels like absolutely nothing is going right. When you're stuck in a company that doesn't care, when you're always in debt, your social life is non-existant, and when you realise that the boy you've wanted for so long just doesn't want you.

Heh. *Laughs to self*. I'm not really all that down. I'm doing just fine. I could do with a hug that says without doubt "I love you", but I'm quite capable of brushing it all off and thinking, well, c'est la vie.

I really don't want to be in that state where I can't get anything done. I hate that state. No job or boy should make that happen. I need to just keep going. Keep the car running. There's places to go and work to be done. And at the end of the night, you can reflect briefly on your day's productivity and think "I made progress today". There's no better way to keep a smile on your face when there's nothing else to smile about.


Having said all that, I'm off to Perth, Australia for a couple of weeks. Flying out on Thursday. It'll be magic to escape the UK. I haven't seen anything new in years. I've only started to plan things in the last week, hehe. Got some Oz dollars, and Hong Kong dollars, did my electronic visa thing, bought shorts! Haha. That'll do I think. Maybe the other side of the planet, but it's a small planet, and I ain't gonna spend too much time working it all out. Essentials covered. It's all good.

Em, yeah. I wanted to get QA Gallery launched before I go, but it's not quite done yet. We'll see. My new blog Title Image, by the way, is Loch Lomond in Scotland. Think that's all I've got to say at this precise moment in time. Over and out.
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r*s*   Hey!

Have a wicked holiday! I'm sure we all wanna see some fantastic photographs and to hear just how it was being out there and just what you got up to.

Take care and have a blast,

J*t*e*r*t*c   You always write so eloquently, Grum. It has been a joy to read your blog and your various posts, my friend.

Have fun on your "holiday". (Hehe. I'm trying to figure out British speech over here. :p)