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Fragility Of Things

One of my friends, J, was attacked in Glasgow. Savagely beaten up by a group of neds (chavs, townies, or regional variation). Merely for the sake of it. It angers me. And makes me sick to the stomach. I've also had run-ins with neds in Stirling and Edinburgh. I got off lightly compared to my friend. I think D has got off lightly too in Glasgow. The intimidation and danger. It enrages me. Why should we put up with this in our grand and historical cities? Why should I have to worry that the people in my life aren't safe? I believe in Scotland, but I believe more in the fact that it's fucked.

A small state which has constantly punched above its weight, a wee nation which has influenced the world with innovation and technology. And what have we become? Another developed country crumbling under the weight of progress. A population dividing when we should we uniting.

It's a place were selfishness rules. Where people don't have the time for others. There's a general predominance of taking, and disregard for giving. You look out for yourself, because no-one else will really apply the effort required to care. About others. The neighbourhood. The country. And all the other countries.

I am wholly biased and my perspective is more than skewed. My past. My present. My experience influences my perceptions. But everything is scalable. And what I see around me, in the world, reflects upon everything inside me.
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C*l*e*n   I'm so sorry, Grum. *hugs* I'm sure that must have been awful, and I don't blame you at all for being angry.

I feel the same way about America (my country) sometimes. I feel like we're capable of so much, of being as great as we're alleged to be, but we are increasingly divided and giving into our individual selfish desires rather than coming together to help one another. Obviously to judge an entire country by the actions of a few is foolish and small-minded, and I don't mean to do so at all, but I definitely understand how you're feeling at the moment. When something so awful happens to you (or someone close to you), it's hard not to feel frustrated with some of the darker turns of our society.

Is your friend okay? How's he doing?