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Another Move

Tomorrow I move house, again. I hate it. Moving. I feel like I don't have a home. To paraphrase Robin in slightly the wrong context, I'd love an extended period of leaving things the same. A re-growing of roots seems just the ticket. But not here, not now. So I'll just have to wait.

I won't disappear from QA this time, broadband already set up in the new flat. Though an extended period of life away from QA is always tempting. Especially this year. Many challenges have made it less fun and more stressful for everyone involved in its running. It has made me think hard about what we're doing here. I think the answer, for me, is that we're trying to make a difference. We're trying to do good. And that's more important to me than an easy life.

Though I do feel that we've all got to balance life in the real world with life in cyberspace. Our community here is real in the sense that the benefit is true, and it can provide things that aren't available from your real world surroundings. But even still, the real world is where life is lived, ultimately. It's something that we should keep in mind, in this digital age.

I think also, QA for me is the last remainder of my involvement in the LGBT community. I used to be an active member in the real world, whether that was running societies, events, or just being a face to be seen. It's something I've become disconnected from. Something I've maybe grown out of, yet I feel guilty for having done so. I think I fit in better now in different circles. Even though I'm not in any circles right now.

I aim to re-engage with the real world. The strength is from within, and nowhere else, but I know there is more to be done and more fun to be had. I think more direction in my life will aide my overall productiveness, and hopefully happiness.

It's progression, on the personal scale.
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d*y*-*e*s*-*3   ahh i know what u mean about 15 and i've moved 16 times! lol

much lvoe, aasha