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Saying Somethin About Nothin

Hm. So then. Lewis has really got into this blogging thing over on Logging a life. By contrast, I never seem to write about life. I write about the meanderings in my mind whether those be based on fears, insecurities or frustrations. It's the same stuff every time though. I've spent a long time talking yet, really, I've said a whole lot of nothing. I've fully engaged with my inner turmoil however, haha.

Last thought on that then, then onto real life. I'm not that messed-up I don't think. Simply, I'm not comfortable in my own skin. But I'm learning.

Right. Real Life. Woo.

I was in Jersey the weekend before last. Small British, yet self-governed, island off the coast of France. We have a cinema there and my friend was covering their projection booth. Figured I'd visit. It's a funky wee place, definitely. Decided to embrace my fear as mentioned and went topless on the beach. Got suitably sunburnt and peeled for the next week. Heh.

The night before, we were drinking in this "rock cafe bar" called Chicago. Wasn't playing music anythin remotely rock esque but it was vaguely alternative :) Was eyeing up this boy all night. Straight, but I mean, whatever. I was only looking. Spikey hedgehog style hair. I'm such a sucker for that. Anyway, we must have left at the same time because low and behold I find myself following him on the way back to my B&B. Half awkward, I try to walk slower, lol. He turns and talks to me though. Cute.

The whole place seemed very chilled out. Loved it. Leanne though, my friend, nowt is ever chilled. Lol. [You know it's true!]. Drama. Meh.

I wonder, can I go back to cute boys for a second? :) The weekend after, I was back up in Edinburgh. Saw James (a band, not a cute boy) play the Corn Exchange (brilliant! cheers Bex). Then went on to Mike's new club, The Hive. Loved that too, got wasted and danced like a twat all night to indie music. This is where that other cute boy comes in, haha. No idea who he was, Robert maybe, coulda been gay, not sure. Idlewild fan! Danced about with him though. Well hot.

Hehe. Yeah, well, anyway!

Met up with a friend on Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully cheered him up a bit? I enjoyed myself anyway :) Even just laughing, going to an exhibition, hugging someone and being hugged back. Brilliant. I appreciated it. You represent a beautiful truth, dood.

Over half-way through this week now. Can't wait till it's over. Work drives me mad to a much greater degree than it keeps me amused. On holiday next week though, woo. Back up in Edinburgh, some more gigs, and maybe even a bit of coding? Will try to both have fun and be productive. And catch up with people I haven't seen in months. I've been hiding for too long.
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z*d*3   You whore Grum :-P

Awwww, it's good to see you're actually enjoying yourself. All your blog posts are always so... meh... philsophical and depressing... *wehey* for the happpy Grum!!

ps: spikey hedgehog hair... mmmmmmmhmmmmmmmm.... ;-)
J*t*e*r*t*c   I third the hotness of spiky hedgehog hair. ;)

Glad to see you're enjoying yourself, Grum. :)