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So, Hallam Foe

I previewed a print of Hallam Foe tonight. It was really, very good. It stars Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot) and it was shot in my hometown of Edinburgh. It's a little freaky, but the strange films are always the better ones. The tale, although not easy for most to connect with, has the underlying themes of finding the truth and finding yourself. Moving on with life. The film's ending is a satisfying one. The film's message is a lasting one.

It's resonating inside my head to be honest. It's 1am and I'm ready to sleep but typing comes first. As a sidenote, do you ever feel like you lose ideas? When I'm walking from A to B, or driving long distance, my mind wanders and I come up with things I wanna say, or at least explore, but by the time I'm able to get the ideas onto some tangible medium, I've forgotten it and the brain space has been reallocated to some practical necessity along the lines of "Where are my house keys?". A somewhat less satisfying finale to a really good thought.

A musing that was never to hit the screen.

Last week was good. I was back up in the aforementioned Edinburgh. Less exciting than New York City but a global tourism hotspot nonetheless. English becomes a minority language at Festival time, haha. Exaggeration, to a degree. Dropped into our cinema there to see how the Film Festival was going. Never stayed long enough to watch any films. I did see a few gigs that week though at T on the Fringe:

Foo Fighters (supported by Nine Inch Nails) at Meadowbank
Kaiser Chiefs (supported by Pigeon Detectives and The View) at Meadowbank
Razorlight (supported by the Dykeenies and the Editors) again at Meadowbank.

All good. Foos slightly less good than hoped (too much new stuff, not enough old stuff; Colour and the Shape, anyone?). Razorlight were really good. Loved the wee violins and the cello on the Funeral Blues track. Very Arcade Fire! Brilliant.

Saw Bex who passed all her Vet Nursing exams. Saw the guys at Cine in Falkirk who have their plans. Saw Sam in Bathgate who's liking her new job and found a new dood. Saw Linds and Kenneth in their cool new flat in Glasgow's West End, and again at the Razorlight gig. Saw my sis Yvie briefly, who's just started college again, and Lennox my nephew. 2 years old. Good at causing havoc. Heh. Cute though.

Everyone is living their life and making the most of it all. There was an overall sense of progress. And I too live for exactly that. I feel like I've not felt the way I thought I would. I'm grateful and inspired but after years of being at arms length from the world, I'm just taking it in and finding my smile. Nothing happens overnight but we have the time to figure it out :)

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t*i*w*y   When you first mentioned it to me, I naturally assumed it must be some Indie thing you have to travel to the nearest boho urban centre to a film festival and sit next to a drag queen to watch... now that I see it's mainstream, I'll actually be able to see it! It does look fun. And if I can find a drag queen to sit next to in the Royal Tunbridge Wells Odeon, so much the better. I agree, it looks like one of those that'll stay with you. I love that ... when some artform creeps in to your mind without you noticing.

As for the music, I know nothing and will not comment. Except to say Razorlight, eew, my mum fancies them, that's sick and wrong.

What you say about mind wondering and not remembering what you were thinking ... I know that feeling ... I always remember that I was enjoying my thoughts, but always lose what they were about. I miss when i was a lot longer and that happened at sleepovers, and talking about it with mates ... was very satisfying stuff ... the kind of thing we can look forward to happening again with partners, eventually, I hope :)