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A New Life

So. I've been to North America for the very first time. Arrived in Toronto and made our way down to New York City via Buffalo and Syracuse.

NYC was pretty cool. I love how packed in it all is, feels more alive than the spaced-out design of Toronto. Actually I was impressed by the New Yorkers. Friendly and tolerant to their very cores. Didn't have enough time there but I'll be back.

I'm not feeling very talkative though so maybe I'll expand on it all later. I arrived back on Sunday, and was back at work on Monday. I'm knackered, knarly, and kinda down. Holiday Hangover? Being back here, this town, this job, this isolation.

Brilliant experiences only serve to emphasise the inadequacy of my life. I'm in the market for a new one, complete with a new city (country?), job, and boy. I need a boy to actually love me, rebuild my confidence. It's a tall order, but I can't do it on my own.
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