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Non-dates, Into The Wild, and Little Miss Sunshine

Hey doods. I'm gonna write some stuff. I'm a bit all over the place right now, I thinx. So. Friday.

I drove up to Scotland last weekend for a gig and a non-date, hehe. The car almost broke down, which cost me £180, and my phone had a minor heart attack, which I managed to fix through the art of gentle persuasion and frustrated persistence, which was free. Despite said hickups though, brilliant weekend! :)

Gig was Biffy Clyro at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange, thanks as usual to Bex who bought the tickets. And asked me to transfer the money. After said car's ignition problems, I didn't reach Edinburgh until 9pm and I'd figured Biffy woulda been on stage already. We headed over there anyway and low and behold, they didn't get on stage still about 9.30. Woo. Brilliant gig. So it all kinda worked out.

"I backed into a cop car the other day, and he just drove away, sometimes life's ok" -- Modest Mouse -- yeps.

Headed over to Mikey's club, The Hive, afterwards. Got kinda drunk but not enough to let go to any great degree. Danced about a bit. Lots of pretty boys to make you question your own appearance. Ha. Throwaway comment though, moving on; we all have something to give.

Saturday night I kinda had a date. Woo. Most aspects of a date just without the title and the kissing. Not through lack of desire, but through the desire to withhold morals. It's complicated but that's ok. Everything is. Yeps. So. We went to the Grosvenor, which a cute little independent cinema in Glasgow's West End. Primarily because I'd never had the opportunity to take anyone there and I wanted to check it out :)

We saw Into the Wild. Bit of an epic, but wholly worth it. The final sentiment is spot on, but totally heartbreaking. Watch it.

Missed my train home to Edinburgh. Went to call my mate Linds to crash at hers. Phone dies. Heh. Did some SIM card swapping. She doesn't answer. (I'll remember that! Hehe). But, whatever, everything works out. Boy leads me through Glasgow back to the city centre and I manage to get a bus. Our meandering travels in the mean time were brilliant. Restricted by our situation, we laughed a lot and took it all in. It was needed. Thanks. :D


Met up with Jon who was jammy enough to escape Milton Keynes, find a flat in Edinburgh, and a job which will take him neatly up to February when he leaves for Japan. A few weeks ago, mr, you found yourself jobless, homeless, lovesick, and back in with the parents in MK. It's amazing how fast things can change for the better. Will try to keep this in mind, hehe.

Spent some time with family. Baby Lennox can say my name! Woo. Hehe.


Back in MK. Back at work. Back in the big stress. Back wondering what the hell I'm gonna do next.

Wednesday (Today)

Grabbed some time to preview a digital print of Beowulf in 3D. Excellent! Whether it's the future remains to be seen, and luckily that's not my risk to worry about, but the product looks pretty god damn good. Forget everything you've ever known about 3D movies -- "Glasses On/Off" prompts, red and green lines, cardboard glasses -- all gone. Still got the glasses admittedly but they're plastic, the full feature is in full 3D and full colour too. Check it out in the UK at participating C i n e w o r l d Cinemas. Hm, a free plug there.

Bought myself a ticket to see Sons & Daughters play the Carling Academy in Islington next Wednesday. Never been to a gig by myself before but, in this town, indie/rock fans are hard to come by. Looking forward to it.

Finally, just watched Little Miss Sunshine! Brilliant film! Never seen it before, but I thought I'd take the risk and buy it. Really glad I did :) Bootiful.
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J*t*e*r*t*c   I thought Into the Wild was extraordinary. I'm hoping for a Best Picture nomination. I was a mess at the end of it.

And LMS, yay! :)

Good to hear from you, Grum. :)
l*v*t*l*u*h   I loved Little Miss Sunshine!