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Realigning the planets

So I think we're likely to see some interplanetary shifts in coming months, with some lost interstellar globes swinging their way into orbit around one expanding star.

Hehe. People should leave words they don't understand well alone.

Things are looking up, was the general point, and that there are big changes ahead. I'm jobhunting with the aim of moving 350 miles north from Milton Keynes to Glasgow. Moving is the easy part, but getting a new job is the complex bit. I'd really rather not make a sideways move and I definitely don't want to take a step backwards. I'm firmly committed to the cause, so I'll find something eventually, even though I have no real idea what I'm looking for. I wonder if someone will give me a web editor job? :)

The reasoning behind all this is... Grum has a boyfriend! He's called Gary (he's on QA but I'll leave you to figure out who, haha), he's a year younger, in his final year at Glasgow School of Art, and he's pretty brilliant if I do say so myself. It's maybe a little complex and we maybe shouldn't be putting this info online, but, we're not gonna stress about it. It's all good!

Urm, yeah. Productivity seems to have increased as a result of all this, for the most part anyway. We both suffer the same soul-sucking antics of our shared employer, which does to some degree negate the benefit. The paragraphs above do propose a solution to this issue however. Woo.

I'm struggling to finish off this meandering text, so I'll leave it there!
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A*u*s*i*n   Good luck finding a job!

And yay boyfriend.:)
S*a*n   Yay for you Grum ... thats awesome ... all of it is awesome ... now i can officially add you to the list of people im jealous of ... darnit, keeps getting longer ... *shrugs* ... lols, jj

I wish you and Gary all the happiness ... and good luck with teh job hunt ...

Catya l8r ... Sheepie
J*r*m*   I know who it is!! Actually u can thank AQ for that, she told me! lols anyways that's really awesome, YAY boyfriend!
J*t*e*r*t*c   Hehehe... As I told you before, Grummy, Gary's quite the cute one. Granted, he looks oddly similar to you. :D

I'm very glad that things are looking up for you. :)

EDIT: OMG, I just saw his new avatar! *dies* You two are soooo cute! You both are beaming! :D
o*h*c*y*s   **wants to know who it is**


Congrats, Grum!!

<3 Martin
B*n*   Hey Grum! C'mon, buddy -- I bet you've been "realigning" more than just planets! What with a new b/f!

I'm so happy to hear about all the exciting and love-life enhancing stuff that gravity's pulled into your orbit. I hope you keep everyone informed about your life (professional and love) -- I mean, everything that's appropriate.

the best, Ben

I*s*e   What Shaun and Jordan said.


Congrats and good luck in finding that all new job.
g*u*   Thanx doods. Most appreciated :)
b*u*b*r*y*   :D woooo x

c*m*c*o*k*r*s*   very exciting!
i'm happy you got a boyfriend! xD
and good luck with moving!
K*i*a*a*B   Yay Grum! I'm happy for you! Good luck with everything!
s*m*   you two look so cute together!

C*l*e*n   Congratulations, Grum!

I'm happy for you. You deserve it. :)