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Vlogging on QA

QA Vlogging Guide
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J*t*e*r*t*c   *waves* Hey Grum. Adore your accent. :)

I need to get a webcam in order to start a vlog here... I'd love to. *sigh*
t*i*w*y   For those of you without webcams like our Mr Jordan, I've found some dead cheapo ones on Amazon. Americans look here and Brits here. Most Mac users will already have one built in, if they bought their machine in the last couple of years. If you don't, either of those that I've linked will work with the free drivers here. They will come with Windoze drivers.

Now there are no excuses!
t*i*w*y   Just thought I should add ... these cams will be okay for this kind of purpose but are unlikely to be much good ... if you want to spend a little more than this kind of bare minimum, you might want to consider it. But if you just want the basics, go for it.

QA does not endorse and brand or product blah blah blah.
A*u*s*i*n   I'm assuming I could take a video with my digital camera and upload it...?

And are there any other sites we could upload our video to?

Thanks, I have attempted to make one already (awkward...) but I may try again sometime.
t*i*w*y   If your digital camera does video, then yeps you can AQ :) As for other sites ... haven't a clue ... I\we would certainly recommend YouTube though ... it's easy, and it's proven. Go for it if you want to give it a bash :)

Incidentally, if anyone has any technical (or non-technical) questions about this that they don't wanna post publicly for any reason, I'm more than happy to offer support via PM.
g*u*   Quick note about the digital camera thing... it may work just fine, but the file may require conversion; YouTube will accept all the common video formats but it doesn't always do a good job of processing them. Try it and see!
b*u*b*r*y*   Awww... Cuteness from my boy hehe Love it! Vlogs are the way forward indeed :)
A*u*s*i*n   I made a vlog...just having issues with the editing software (I wouldn't be bothering to edit it, except the first shot is of my chest as I turn on the camera...yeah:D). The problem is uploading from the camera to the software, as it's apparently not capable of doing so. I also tried uploading it somewhere else and then just opening as a media...yeah, that didn't work as well. Plus its an editing software I've never used, and its not exactly my talent...

I'll figure it out eventually.:p
s*o*t*t*i*0*7   Vlogging is such a great idea!
I'm not sure if I will be participating, but I look forward to seeing more vlogs.
And Grum, yours was great!