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A Scotsman in England / An Environmental Rant

It's been two years. And the world has changed.

Now though, more than before, I have an incentive to return to Scotland. It's colder up there and rains shitloads but I do miss it. And Gary's there (xx). And I don't want to be in Milton Keynes; it's devoid of all culture and realism. I've been trying harder to get a new job but things don't seem to be clicking into place just yet. I'll keep up the efforts though.

I've been quite productive this weekend on QA, developing version 4.4. Long way still to go, but we're aiming for our normal April 7th launch date. As ever though, the amount that gets done is entirely dependant on work and life.

So that brings me onto the subject of the world in general. I keep hearing the phrase 'carbon footprint' as an excuse for not developing. People who use that phrase in that context need a good slap. Change is necessary and progress in inevitable. The fact that it takes resources to do anything is just the way of the world -- it's not bad, it's balanced.

The point that should be being made is that our carbon footprint caused by progress should be reduced. I'm not sold on the concept that global warming wouldn't be happening anyway, because our understanding of the world is growing, but it's not complete nor certain. People just have a bad habit of jumping on bandwagons.

Nonetheless, natural resources are finite and I fully believe in recycling, renewable and clean energies, and to a degree, preservation. Using preservation as an argument against wind farms doesn't cut it. If you don't want that new coal or even nuclear power plant, then you're going to have to agree to a whole lot more wind farms and hydro plants. You can't have it both ways.

And we'll have to reconcile ourselves with the increased cost of fuel. That's the only way to make us more conscientious. And that's fine, that looks to be happening. Perhaps eventually, then, the people will learn to be less hypocritical, band about fewer buzz words, and just accept what it necessary for progression.
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