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The Fickle People (an election response)

The British are a fickle, foolish people. As a generic statement, I reckon that's true. I'm looking at the recent local election results for England and Wales. Labour, the ruling party, have had their worst local election results in 40 years. When people are interviewed on the street, they state the following reasons for not voting Labour:
  • Rising prices and the inability for first time home buyers to get a mortgage

    Although I'm sure more could be done to ease this situation, the biggest issues affecting this are the global credit crunch, which started in America as a result of the sub-prime model, and rising prices of oil globally. This isn't something the British government can be held responsible for or be expected to fix, yet the Brits are more than willing to blame them for it. Please don't forget how strong our economy is now compared to when the Tories were in power; it's primarily down to Gordon Brown's good fiscal management. And on the subject of Gordon Brown...

  • Gordon Brown is a dour, unenthousiastic character

    The Brits, it would seem, would prefer a charismatic bullshitter like David Cameron, who plays on the country's fears without providing solutions, to the logical and safe pair of hands belonging to Brown. The Brits seem quite happy to opt for "style" over substance, as replicated in the London Mayoral fight where Boris Johnson has managed to gain power. I'm not saying the drunken Ken Livingstone was a brilliant guy, but he did get things done.

  • David Cameron, leader of the Conservative opposition, visited the streets of my town and actually listened

    He nodded and agreed, certainly. But what's he going to do to fix your issues? How can you know, when he doesn't even know? I feel more comfortable in the knowledge that Brown is busy running the nation than galavanting around the streets of Britain trying to win votes on behalf of his local councillors. And the best of all...

  • I don't know why I voted Conservative, I just knew it was the right thing to do

    Sums up the intelligence of the people quite nicely, I think.
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L*P*t*t*P*c*e   i have similar sentiments to what happened over here, except that i'm a Liberal supporter. Our Labor party is just as conservative anyway. We have a lot of dumb people in our country who voted without knowing anything about what they were voting for. i'm a little peeved that Labor won, but i'm more annoyed by knowing that if the government stuffs up, it's going to be all the bogans who voted for Labor without educating themselves about it who complain.

Things change though. It'll be good again one day.
E*i*m*   This was the first election since I've been allowed to vote that I didn't. My friend and I forgot to vote because we were drunk.
g*u*   Ugh, the state of the youth today...
c*m*c*o*k*r*s*   Thats really, really sad.