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A vlog for your general amusement. The YouTube conversion process has garbled the video for the first few seconds. It only seems to happen to MOV files? If you know how to prevent that, let me know :)
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E*r*n*i*   Yay it's grum! *applaudes*

DK on the IMAX? Sweeeet.

At 24, I'm definitely with you on the whole "Secure in yourself" thing. I think some distance from unwelcome environments also helps you grow as a person.
p*p*y*s*e* some things made me laugh here.. although I wasn't sure if you intended for them to be funny.

I agree with many concepts you mentioned. There is definitely some wisdom you gain after completing the teenage years and living the adult life for a bit. Same thing with confidence I think.

oh yeah, and you definitely made me think of wanting to go to IMAX!!! lol...
J*e*1*0   Image Hosted by

Totally a great look for you!!
J*e*1*0   Oh...and um, that's totally not a window open for The Pirate Bay there on the third tab, 'cause I'm responsible and don't pirate software, and that's not the hour of 3:13 AM you see there in the corner, 'cause I'm responsible and go to bed on time!!
g*u*   Hm, thanks for that capture 8-) (Anyone know how to prevent that?).
J*e*1*0   Sorry...I have absolutely no experience with video or YouTube at all....