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The world keeps turning

So as the planet spins I lose my focal point and end up all dizzy. I've stopped still and the world just keeps on turning. I'm at the centre of nothing, standing in the middle of a void with fuzzy, confusing edges. Maybe they lead into another world or maybe they disappear off into space but I wouldn't know because I'm stuck right here. All routes are knee-deep in mud and I'm wearing trainers. Though I think I lost them somewhere.

The other day a telescope floated by and I picked it up, wiped off the muck and peered through to a greener land. It didn't seem too far away and I guess I learned that I wasn't ever gonna float off towards the stars. I'd possibly been banking on it. Still, the whole encounter has left me heartened and determined yet no more able to launch myself into the magic fuzziness. My sticky, murky spot right here is irritatingly persistent but it represents stability and consistency.

I remember a lesson I once learned before. It was to never trust in things to remain the same. So I know, I know, that I really do need to disband the neediness for familiarity once again and embrace the random. I have signed to say I understand the long-term nature of the settled dream in the distance. I have bought my seat on the flight in the opposite direction, supposing there was a direction opposite to the circumference of our reality. It's all the same in the end, albeit with amusing and intriguing pictures that reflect the inner sentiment.

The key to the conundrum, of course, lies exactly there. You can't learn the way of the world until you've gripped the founding principles of your very own nature. As an addendum to that theory, it must also be considered that accepting the events of the past as grainy recordings with faded value is an intrinsic process in finding the wings you'll need to fly. A pilot will remember his origins but focus on that final descent. There is a puzzle or two however to solve before you're allowed the fuel to take-off.

It's an exam, and the answers never did come easy. More often than not, the answers seemed irrelevant in the bigger picture because the questions themselves were wrong. This would be the way of the world, and the world will keep on turning. It's something I cannot change, but the problem is closer to home.
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B*t*4*r*i*s   How very confusingly articulated. But I love a challenge! Interesting idea. Its like something I read the other day. "there is no past or future, only a type of film on which events are printed. What we see right now is the present with the past fading around us and the future coming into focus. What's important though is that we focus on the present because it is in the best focus, trying to get caught up with the past or future will only give you a headache and you'll miss the beauty of that around you."

It was something to that effect anyway.
g*u*   That's brilliant, I like it. I guess that sentiment is in there, sure.