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So, Gary mentioned 'Tribes' by Seth Godin. I went and downloaded the audiobook, for free (woo). I haven't listened to that much so far but it seems quite insightful. I think I prefer when I'm either leading the people around me, or when I'm part of a socialist style group (like friends, say) where everyone contributes for the greater good without the need for a leader. I dislike following direction when my influence over that direction is low. Influence overall is important.

I'm still standing firm, perhaps firmer, on my decision to quit Cine. In addition to Mr Godin there, the film Revolutionary Road and even to a degree The Curious Case of Benjamin Button have proved well-timed reminders that to have any chance of achieving my goals, I need to start over. I love it. I think possibly these little guiding lights are more frequent than I'd ever noticed before. Taking inspiration from the people and situations around you is important.

I've decided to head up to Harrogate next weekend to meet Bex. Michelle and Graeme will be there too I think. I'm looking forward to it. Could be a fun catch-up, piss-up, chill-out escape. I'm shit at keeping in contact and I'm shit at getting myself off my sorry ass to see people. Friends and family are good at maintaining your sanity. I need to put my hand up more often and admit I could do with some company. Friends are important.

I've been listening to a few new bands recently -- or new to me, at least. White Lies; some epic sounding eighties influnced toons. I'm currently playing Wintersleep who I've just fell in love with; melodic indie rock, almost post-rock with elements of low-fi. Beautiful. And I'm liking indie rockers Red Light Company too and I'm loving 'Sometime Around Midnight' by the Airborne Toxic Event. Immersing yourself in new music is important.

And a final thought is that, sometimes, there's nowhere to go but back to where you're from. And that's where I'm at. Thoughts of Edinburgh. I ran away from there a long time ago, eight years I guess since I left, excluding a couple of summers. I'm scared of going back. It's not the same place that it was, but maybe that's a good thing. It's time to face it and see what it means to be home. Because home is important.
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s*d*   Hmm...
I have absolutely no idea what these books and bands are. I mean - logically - I wouldn't even know they are books or bands if you didn't mention it here. Perhaps you didn't, and I just need a good sleep.

Anyways. But I DO have some useful input to input. But only some. Home is where your heart is, that's what it means to be home, according to me. Or according to one of my favorite writers, it's where your diginity is protected, not where you are born or where your ancestors come from.
g*u*   Hm yeah that's interesting. I guess part of the process is learning to listen to the heart more. It doesn't output any kind of understandable data at the moment, haha. When I go back to Edinburgh I don't really feel at home anymore. I love it, but it seems bittersweet. It's inevitable now that I'll end up back there though, so only time will tell if I settle there.