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Music and Film / World Events

Today I watched two films, both of which used music to create a soundtrack equally as important as the visuals, in turn to produce something really quite good. Both of these films, incidentally, are movies which I'd never buy; not because they didn't speak to me, but because I'd feel embarrassed to have them in my collection. Something I need to get over. Anyway, the films were the quirky teen movie Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, and the quirky girls' movie Elizabethtown. And I do love a quirky film. Glad I saw them.

On Film4 next is Little Miss Sunshine, which is not only quirky, but absolute genius. I do own that, though. I wonder why that one is OK to own? Anyway, I'll open another beer and watch something else -- probably one of the 9/11 themed things on this weekend.

Seeing footage of the twin towers being hit, and collapsing, still sends shivers down my spine. I remember watching the news coverage at the time. It was days before I left Edinburgh and moved away for University and I was sat in my Dad's house, just listening to music and generally chilling out when the phone rang. It was my dad, calling from work, who simply told me to turn on the TV. The channel didn't matter, they were all the same. I guess that was the first super-memorable world event that I would remember, other than perhaps the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Not that I had any specific feeling towards her, but I felt the country's loss.

I guess our parents will remember the death of JFK, John Lennon, and the first moon landing. I wonder how many events of global significance are positive and inspiring, and how many are negative and saddening. I wonder if we'll see again a day where the world unites in wonder and amazement at some brilliant human achievement. Will we see it? Surely there must be something, someday, to fill our screens and newspapers (supposing the papers survive) with content other than 'war', 'terrorism' and 'crisis'.

I'd love to see the day when human co-operation matters more than borders, money, and religious divides.
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T*z*a*Y*g*m*   I think music is one of the most important things in a movie... though I would say that, being a musician :P

But honestly, take 'Jaws' for example... if at the beginning when the girl (bless her) gets taken by the shark there was happy music being played, it would actually be quite funny... but the 2 simple notes, a semitone step up then back down, make it creepy and scary O.o

Haha... that's my music teachers' influence...

I haven't seen any of those films, but I think I've heard of them :) I did go to the cinema to watch the film they made about 9/11... I can't remember what it was called... but it was emotional and moving... it was about one of the guys who risked his life to save others'.

I too would like to see what you suggested, Grum. When we focus on war, bad things in general, we block and often forget about what good is happening in the world I think... it's partly why I don't watch the news (very often) - it can be depressing.

I agree with you on so many levels 8-| :) Xx